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  • Chris Bradley

    I am the founder/creator of UltraLifeSport CBD products and I developed these products first and foremost for myself, so I’ll be the first one to leave a review. After a debilitating motorcycle accident 3.5 years ago, I was left with an 8 mm bulge on my L4, L5, and 6 mm on my S1 vertebrae. I was dealing with extreme back problems and sciatic pain. Searching for any natural healing modalities I could find, I tired everything. I was using different CBD products on the market, but none of them were strong enough. I was also experimenting and studying Eastern Medicine heavily. I decided to take things into my own hands. I started mixing and creating my own formulas that were stronger and worked better than anything else on the market that I could buy for myself to get relief and get me back in the saddle on the bike and in the gym again. All of our products take into account the latest science using only water soluble compounds, which means maximum absorption and efficacy. 90-95% compared to the 5-10% absorption rate of oil based products (95% of CBD products on the market). Our products worked so well for me that soon my cyclist friends and fellow gym rats started asking how they could get their hands on some, and after some extensive testing and formulating over the course of 2.5 years, UltraLifeSport was born. I am sitting here writing this because we developed products that work better, are more efficient and potent than anything else out there the I could personally buy to use for myself. Helping people get back to what they love in sport and fitness has become my passion, and I look forward to sharing it with the world!

  • Alba Haya

    I am a Co-Founder of UltraLifeSport. Chris’s been working in the formulation of the products for 2.5 years and I wanted to develop healthy & natural products since a long time ago. Unifying our talents and minds, we’ve created UltraLifeSport for everyone that wants to live the best life ever, and that is possible combining exercise, meditation, healthy diet and organic CBD products like ours to help your body with pain, inflammation, recovery, anxiety, depression, cancer, acne and diseases like arthritis, epilepsy, Parkinson without the need to take pharmaceutical drugs that only causes side effects, even worse than the illness itself. The benefits of CBD are limitless, studies have shown that are good for your heart, brain, migraines, for anti-tumor effects, diabetes prevention, and much more! We are excited to share these amazing products with this world!

  • Patty

    Absolutely love the CBD formula for pain and inflammation. My son has severe RA and has to take so many medications with negative side effects thank you for formulating some thing that actually helps him without any harmful side effects it’s been a long time coming thank you so much Ultra Life Sport 🙂

  • Eduardo Gabon

    As I cyclist for almost a decade now,cold season is the most challenging weather for me,riding out early morning on a freezing condition is a bit challenging but the proper clothing and adding my favorite item to keep me going is the key.The Hot Premium Embrocation & Muscle Rub.This product really works and helped my body to keep warm specially the Knee area,it felt like I’m a wearing knee warmer..I love other products as well for my other needs.

  • Danny Marsicano

    I tore my shoulder snowboarding and was unable to lift weights for 6 months. Once I began to lift again, the pain in my shoulder only allowed me to lift light weight and with limited range. My growth and progress was moving very slowly. I started using Ultra Life Sport’s hot rub and immediately I was able to up my weights and perform twice as many exercises that my pain hadn’t allowed me to do in months. I’m finally back to seeing results in the gym and I couldn’t have done it without the relief from the Ultra Life hot rub.

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