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Alpha: Energize, Focus, and Thrive Organically

You’re reading this because you care about what goes into your body. You’re dedicated to embracing a healthier, more focused, and energized life. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing to supplement that lifestyle – meet “Alpha”.

Here is a breakdown of why you need some of our game changing Nootropic in your life.

Alpha is Eco-Friendly & Body Friendly.

Every bottle comes with 30 power-packed capsules. Each one of these capsules is filled with 100% Vegan, Organic Certified Ingredients, and they’re Non-GMO. We get it, choosing health products can be tricky, that’s why we make sure that you’re making a clean and green choice.

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Alpha Provides Next-Level Bioavailability.

Our body is a complex machine, and for it to function at its best, it needs the right fuel in the right form. This is where our Proprietary Water-Soluble & Bio-available Technology shines. Simply put, we ensure your body gets the maximum goodness from every ingredient.

Epic Mental Gains & Calmness.

Ever felt foggy, distracted, or just plain out of it? We’ve all been there. With its unique blend of Nootropic compounds, we are here to change that narrative. The magic ingredient? L-Theanine. This amino acid is famous for improving mental function and slashing anxiety levels.

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Adapt & Conquer with Adaptogens.

Mushroom lovers, rejoice! Alpha’s formula incorporates Lions Mane and Cordyceps Mushrooms – potent adaptogens known to support neurogenesis. Simply put, they’re your brain’s best buddies, helping to form new connections.

Energize Your Days.

Tired of that mid-afternoon slump? Alpha’s got you covered. With a perfect blend of B Vitamins and a dash of Anhydrous Caffeine, you’re in for consistent energy boosts without those pesky jitters.

Alpha Brings Nature’s Stress Busters.

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Vitamins D3 & K2 join the party to manage stress, while GABA calms your nervous system. The result? A more resilient, centered you.

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Mood & Memory Boosters in Alpha.

Lemon Balm isn’t just for tea! We use this uplifting herb to boost both mood and cognitive function. Paired with Gingko, known to tackle anxiety, depression, and memory function, these capsules are a recipe for clarity and joy.


We all strive for better – be it in our work, workouts, or general well-being. And while a healthy lifestyle is the foundation, sometimes we need that extra push. That edge. That Alpha difference.

Alpha is not just another health supplement. It’s a promise. A promise to nurture your mind and body, to amplify your daily routines, and to champion your health journey.

Ready to unlock your potential? Alpha’s here to guide the way.

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